General Questions

What is iCOMM? An Industry leading technology

What are the benefits of the iCOMM Elite service?

How does the iCOMM Elite system work?

Which models are covered under the iCOMM Elite service?

What do I need to get the service started?

How do I order the iCOMM Elite service?

How long do I have to decide before ordering the iCOMM Elite service?

What are my out of pocket expenses?

Who is iCOMM designed to help?

Has iCOMM been proven in the field?

How can I get iCOMM?

How much does iCOMM cost?

Technical Questions

Can I assume that all traffic is initiated from the CM?

Are any web pages sent back to the CM?

Is the CM vulnerable to any viruses that run scripts that can compromise the network integrity?

I am assuming that it is an http post to, but this detail is lacking in the documentation I have. Is the communication from the CM to the back end website over SSL/port 443?

In regard to the network address configuration in the installation manual, it states that you need to configure a network address between 1 and 31. Is this configuring the last octet of the IP address or is this a unique identifier for the CM?

If an IP address is not assigned by the DHCP server, what is the fallback address?

Is there a way to assign a static IP address to the CM?

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